MMO company Perfect World Entertainment is working on a new game according to hiring post


So what does Perfect World Entertainment have in the works right now? We don’t know, but it appears to be something new happening. A new posting on Twitter has announced that the company is recruiting a Live Producer for a project, with the specific call-out of shepherding a game through pre-alpha and into live service. The mention of an alpha implies rather strongly that it’s a totally new game we haven’t heard of previously.

So what could it be? A new MMO? An imported project? A shooter or some other project? There’s nothing to suggest any possibilities within the job posting itself, so all that can be done at the moment is guess. Still, it does indicate forward motion within the company, which certainly means there’s space to speculate about what happens next.

Source: Twitter; thanks to BeatyEye for the tip!

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Jai Beit

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If it’s this company, it’s just going to be something with a gambling component built in…because that’s what they do with their games.

Kickstarter Donor

Livelock and Remnant weren’t. They genuinely seem to be trying to break out of the, “Largely lower budget import MMO’s, and also we own Cryptic.” bubble and diversify their catalog a bit more.

What with TL2 and Hobb while Ruinic was still alive as well, neither of which featured cash shops.


Definitely true, but reading the post it doesn’t really sound like they’re aiming for another non-recurrently monetizable game.

It likely isn’t an MMO as that, I imagine, might spread them too thin even by their standards. But that doesn’t mean they couldn’t aim for something else. PWE doesn’t have a Battle Royale game, does it?

I’m… thinking I’m smelling a Battle Royale game.

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I can’t wait for the next mediocre mmo to come out!