Sea of Thieves celebrates third birthday with 20M total players


Sea of Thieves is celebrating a birthday this week as the multiplayer title hits three years old – and 20 million players. Total, not at the same time, but that’s not shabby at all, given that this is a buy-to-play title and those sales all add up. There isn’t much by way of actual content coming as part of the birthday party, but there sure is a huge checklist of things for you to do.

  • Log in by March 25th for a special sail gift.
  • Log in on Xbox only for a special emote and ship bundle, depending on your game pass level.
  • Go watch a stream for some Twitch drops.
  • Play during the Gold and Glory and Vault Raiders weekend for double gold and questing for a weapon set.
  • Take advantage of the weekend sales and new cosmetics added at the tail end of season one. (There’s physical swag too.)
  • Read a comic book.

And of course, you can buy the game half off right now. The team’s got a new celebratory video up with some other fun stats too:


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Wonder how many actually are still playing. Steam’s average has been around 25k peak players, and it heavily peaked during holiday sales before plummeting back down again. Sea of Thieves of course is on Xbox as well as the MS Store where it’s been for some time before Steam’s launch, but it’s hard to see how this game is able to maintain more than maybe like 250k players in any given month, and that’s being really generous assuming that Steam only makes up 10% of the active players.

Pheeb Hello

Boring game with no content… it’s like Dayz, three years to add nothing.