PvP sandbox MMO Profane shares details about its new combat skills


Being a PvP sandbox about territorial domination, it would stand to reason that Profane would be creating plenty of combat skills. Information about those skills was outlined in a Twitter thread, offering curious fans a glimpse into the way developer Insane does things as well as illustration of why Twitter is bad for making blog posts.

Skills will be in active and passive flavors, while earning these skills is planned to be done by a variety of different methods, whether that’s through finding a secret, through exploration, or via lots of practice. A limited number of active and passive skills can be equipped, with plans to have somewhere between four and six total slots for players to craft their chosen build of actives and passives. There are even plans to have an Ultimate skill that can be used sparingly. Sounds kind of familiar, doesn’t it?

More details are planned to be shared soon, including ideas related to mounted combat and plans to have skills interact with the weather and environment. In the meantime, you can get a peek at the Twitter thread for this bit of initial combat skill concepting.

source: Twitter

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I like the mask in the header image. It kind of reminds me of an owl.

Francis Baud

“[…] including ideas related to mounted combat” That’s pretty cool I think, in Profane players can already attack while mounted (as shown in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7uxqavAgBGM). Not sure how they will balance combat for mounted versus players on foot.