Profane is a full-loot open PvP sandbox of territorial domination


Maybe you’re among those who are upset at New World’s shifting focus and you’re wondering where your next fully open PvP MMO is. Perhaps you could consider giving Profane some of your attention, as it’s described by one of it’s CMs as an “ambitious” title that is “focused on freedom, adventure and territorial domination where players will be able to build, destroy, and conquer villages, cities, and empires.”

Profane comes from the Brazilian studio Insane, which has been reportedly working on the title for a while, having run pre-alpha tests with the Brazilian community in 2018 and 2019. It’s set in a medieval fantasy world and touts the ability to let players be whatever they want, whether it’s a pirate, a merchant, or a merciless killer, though there will be guarded locations and player-killers will have to face some unexplained consequences of having negative karma. There are no classes in Profane, with abilities coming by way of magical skills and weapons and combat focused on player skill. Players will have a limited number of skills, though additional skills can be collected and then applied in what’s described as a trading card game sort of manner.

Profane will first launch its alpha with a buy-to-play model via founder’s pack sales, but once the game enters a beta state it will be free-to-play with a cash shop that offers skins and cosmetics with no pay-to-win items for sale. Development for Profane is still ongoing, but the devs are eyeing an alpha release sometime around late 2020 or early 2021.

There are more details in this FAQ, a Facebook page and a subreddit to follow, and some pre-alpha gameplay footage to watch in the embeds below.

source: official site via Reddit
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