Book of Travels introduces fans to four of the game’s NPCs


Ideally, walking around in tiny multiplayer online title Book of Travels will see players running into one another and perhaps linking up for some shared wandering. That said, there are going to certainly be NPCs in the game to interact with as well, and the devs of Might & Delight have offered up an introduction to four of them.

As with recent updates, this post is mostly lore-based, with each of the introductions written in-character. Each one of the four NPCs — a merchant, a grain farmer, a history professor, and a bandit — offer up their thoughts on life in the Braided Shore while also giving a bit of flavor to certain locations in the world.

Once more, it’s not particularly revelatory in terms of gameplay details, nor does the post offer any elaboration on when players will actually be able to have these experiences themselves beyond the nebulous window of early 2021 for early access, but for those who want to continue immersing in the aesthetic, you can certainly do so.

source: Kickstarter
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