Bless Unleashed is reworking the game’s interface and controls for PC


Believe it or not, Bless Unleashed has still not launched for PC, after launching on pretty much everything else. But it is still slated for this year, in spite of the fact that Round8 and Neowiz still aren’t talking about founder’s packs and head starts.¬†Part of the slow rollout appears to come down to the fact that devs are still genuinely working on fixing the game for PC, as evidenced by the latest dev blog on Steam.

“Since Bless Unleashed PC is built on the basis of a console service, many components are geared towards operating using a gamepad,” Round8 says. “Through several development discussions and tests, we realized that a simple conversion was not enough to provide sufficient operational convenience, and are currently improving many aspects so users who enjoy games using the keyboard and mouse can enjoy the game in a more comfortable manner. The inconvenience of having to use both the keyboard and mouse when navigating through the system menu has been improved so that the majority of operation can be done with just the mouse, and the use of the mouse cursor can be more intuitive.”

Players should check out the whole piece, as it dives in to “hold” actions, the overlay map, status effects, emotes, and other UI tweaks.¬†“With these improvements, we expect users who have previously experienced the game as well as first time users to be able to play in a more comfortable PC environment,” the team hopes.

Source: Steam
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