Lord of the Rings Online leaks Brawler class details


Trust MMORPG players to poke around where developers wish they wouldn’t, especially when it comes to prying all of the secrets out of upcoming patches. Thanks to time spent on Lord of the Rings Online’s test server, online detectives uncovered a wealth of information about the upcoming Brawler class, even as it’s still in development.

YouTuber Louey7 put together a 20-minute video about the datamined leaks to give us an idea of what this melee class may look like. Mostly, it’s a breakdown of the class abilities including hand-to-hand combat strikes with gauntlets, protective buffs, taunts, and self-heals. It definitely looks like the Brawler is set up to be a tanking class at its core.

If you’re willing to be spoiled and understand that all of this is subject to a whole lot of change, give the video a watch below:

Source: YouTube

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