Torchlight III unveils the new Cursed Captain class arriving with the next update


Pirates and curses just go together like peanut butter and chocolate, so it’s not necessarily a surprise that the Cursed Captain is a thing. What might be a surprise is that the Cursed Captain is a new class that’s coming to Torchlight III as part of the ARPG’s next update, which is due to arrive in about a month and a half.

The Cursed Captain class brings a cannon weapon, a ghostly crew, and the Doubloons resource, which are gathered from slaying monsters or opening chests and then spent on either summoning various members of your ghostly crew, loading them into the cannon to be fired at foes, ordering a broadside from your ship, or even summoning the whole ship into the fight. Furthermore, the summoned pirate crew are persistent and can be ordered around, making the Cursed Captain something of a summoner class. Finally, the class is the only one that can wear cape equipment. Because what respectable pirate captain would be without a cape?

In addition to this new class, the next Torchlight III update will bring a variety of new pets and more pet slots; a Fur and Fashion contract that rewards new dyes, fort props, and pets; and the ability to either reset the entire instance or fully reset their accounts to start from scratch.

In other Torchlight III news, the game has officially arrived to the PC Game Pass, and the Switch version has seen an update that turns off the Snow and Steam contract, makes an engine upgrade, and applies a few small fixes.

source: official site (1, 2)

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An unexpected and pleasant surprise! Wasn’t expecting another class, but I’m here for this. Been meaning to tinker around in it again, if I don’t come back before the update the new class will definitely be what I’m back for.


When this was Torchlight Frontiers I swear I came up with this as a class idea and spammed it a ton on the discord… though I called him the Ghost Pirate and had him with a anchor he’d swing around in addition to the cannon, but yeah he’d summon different crew members and stuff.

That said I lost pretty much all interest in the game over that time period and didn’t pick it up, nor would I, so a mild shame I won’t get to play him, but not that sad as the game was pretty poor.


Should have TMed that class idea and attempted to litigate PWE into making some changes to the game to suit your interests.