World of Warcraft’s Noblegarden returns for another egg hunt

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The Easter weekend may be behind us, but World of Warcraft’s Noblegarden stretches ahead. The annual spring event returns to the fantasy MMO this week, laying out eggs and other surprises for players to find.

The event, which goes through April 12th, includes daily quests and hidden eggs that pay out in chocolate currency (the tastiest kind of currency). Toys, pets, costumes, and mounts are all up for grabs for those who put in the work to earn them. And for the truly ambitious, there’s the meta-achievement for players (including “The Noble” title) who complete eight specific goals.

Wowhead has the skinny on the festival, but if you want a little more fun, the fan site is also holding its own Easter egg hunt around its databases. Find enough eggs, and you’ll be entered to win special World of Warcraft prizes.


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