Lord of the Rings Online players create a video memorial for a fallen friend


When one of Lord of the Rings Online’s beloved community members passed away, friends and fellow players decided to do something in his honor. To honor the life of 37-year-old André “Nabucodonosor” Girodo, friends from the Arkenstone server got together to celebrate his life and record a tribute video as they processed across the familiar landscape that André loved.

Girodo recently died from COVID-19 and was survived by a wife and child. According to posted accounts, he was widely liked as a long-term member of the LOTRO community. His friends set up a support page looking for donations to help the family out during this time of crisis.

“I will not ask you not to cry, because not all tears are evil,” the video quotes from the Lord of the Rings books. Check out the video below and marvel at the bonds that are forged within MMORPGs:

Source: Reddit

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Ardra Diva

I can relate. Lost my game buddy May 2019. I miss him.

Bruno Brito

Since this is a brazilian video and a brazilian gamer, i hope MOP allows me to say it in PT-BR.

André, é bem difícil definir você além dos milhares que estão indo embora todo dia, procurando residência em existências esperançosamente melhores. Mas ainda assim, eu espero que você as tenha achado, depois do seu breve sofrimento. Você tá livre, cara.

Sai da vida pra entrar nas histórias. Espero que a minha jornada tenha o mesmo fim.

Rest in peace.

Vincent Clark

Well said, Bruno.