PvP Sandbox MMO Profane updates its alpha roadmap


We’ve been watching the emergence of Profane with some interest, especially considering that this PvP sandbox has eye-catching graphics and an aggressive development schedule. It also doesn’t hurt that the dev team is all over Twitter, chatting up the game and keeping fans in the loop as to what’s coming down the pike.

Speaking of which, Profane posted an updated alpha roadmap for the first half of this year, especially now that it’s wrapped up a number of March tasks including biomes, a day/night cycle, player movement, and character customization. Specific tests for each of these and many upcoming systems are being planned on a month-by-month basis.

The team said that the network architecture was its “most complex challenge” but was a priority as much of the rest of the game rested on it.

“It requires a lot of testing and attention and, when bugs are found, they demand a lot of time and effort to be fixed,” the team said. “This inevitably led to its delay, but everything is up and running now! On top of that, we were able to keep working on other elements in our roadmap and get some of them ready, but their implementation depends on having the network architecture finished.”

Source: Reddit, Twitter
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