Sony changes course and announces the PlayStation 3 and PSP Vita stores will remain operational

The PSP is still slated for shutdown

We won this one.

Remember at the end of March when Sony announced that the PlayStation 3, PSP, and PSP Vita stores would shut down this year? Fans were pretty unhappy, especially as it meant that buying things like DLC and otherwise rare games would suddenly get a lot harder. And in the wake of the response, Sony has apparently listened and relented on two of the three stores in question. Both the PlayStation 3 and PSP Vita have received a stay of execution, although the original PSP store will still shut down as previously announced.

The post announcing this explains that while Sony had previously made this decision based on a variety of factors, it became clear that it was a bad decision and would have a detrimental effect on game preservation. The upshot, ultimately, is that players will still be able to purchase and play games through these platforms for the forseeable future, although there’s no assurance that something similar will never happen again… but it isn’t happening now.

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