Lord of the Rings Online players hits level cap by baking millions of pies


If you thought that you were super hardcore because you have raided all the things and are so drenched in purple that other colors might as well not exist, then meet your superior: A Lord of the Rings Online player who leveled to 130 by doing little else than baking pies for experience.

A lot of pies. We’re talking millions of pies here.

Player character Cookingwithsim on the Evernight server reportedly started with simpler cooking recipes but eventually founded an enormous virtual bakery: “Nine-star pies were definitely my staple product. Often doing batches for between 10,000 and 15,000 at a time. Really tested the limits of bag and vault space.”

So why level solely by cooking? Cookingwithsim said that it was “mostly because I wasn’t sure it was possible, [but] clearly it is.” The player admitted that there was a lot of profit made from selling the pies, although that wasn’t the point: “It was always about the challenge of doing it, a lot of grind but with my kin mates encouraging me I got there in a reasonable timeframe. It certainly helped to fill time during lockdown!”

Source: Reddit via PC Gamer
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