Sandbox MMO Fractured has rebalanced PvP and added respecs in its spring alpha


MMO sandbox Fractured has been busy this past month as its spring alpha continues. Early on in the month, Dynamight Studios dropped its first patch of the season, with the nine world “Legends” bosses and their summoning altars, plus a full rebalance of PvP in accordance with feedback from PvP players, plus tweaks to jails and bounties. The PvP pass in particular made “naked gankers” a thing of the past, rebalanced hitpoints and time-to-kill, and brought mages and warriors in line with each other.

The second release, live as of last weekend, added new siege equipment, a major upgrade to client performance (asset loading “should now be 2x or even 3x faster”), new world map features, and of course, character and city respecs.

“[Respecs] may very well be the most requested feature since the start of the Spring Alpha – and with good reason!” Dynamight says. “The attributes of a character can be changed once per week for free. In the future we are planning to offer each character one free respec, while the following are going to be paid options (with limited frequency of use!). […] Thanks to attribute respecs, you won’t have to create a new character to try a new role or fine-tune your current one!”

Currently, the game is in a paid alpha mode, with the current buy-in for this round starting at €44.99 (around $54 US). Fractured has been known to grant key batches for stress test events, so keep your eyes peeled. Wink wink.

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