Champions Online is holding a kaiju-themed costume contest on April 30


Ah, the costume contest. That venerable piece of emergent content that vets of a certain superheroic title will remember all too fondly (or bitterly depending on how judging went for you). Champions Online is certainly no stranger to encouraging this sort of thing, and the devs at Cryptic will be doing so this coming Friday, April 30th, as the game hosts a new official contest themed around kaiju.

Players are being challenged to not only make their best beastial city smasher but will also let contestants take up to two squares in the judging area, encouraging players to use magnifiers to ensure their costume hits the proper kaiju vibe. Naturally, there are prizes up for grabs, including three different special item vouchers that let players select past lockbox costume items, two dev tokens, and a unique title for the top three, while honorable mentions will get two item vouchers and two dev tokens. And for everyone who takes part, there’s a unique City Smasher title being handed out as well.

The contest will be held at the Powerhouse Theater, with judging scheduled for 6:30 p.m. EDT and the contest starting at 7:00 pm. EDT. For those who can’t make it live, the whole thing will also be livestreamed on Facebook and Twitch.


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