Final Fantasy XI kicks off multiple boost campaigns in May

Older times.

If you still have leveling to take care of in Final Fantasy XI, you might want to hold off until May 11th. Not because you won’t be able to level before then, of course, but because the game is kicking off a variety of campaigns starting on that date, including double to triple the total amount of experience earned from experience chains. And when you consider that players will be getting even more bonus from Dedication effects as well starting on May 24th… well, there’s plenty of reason to maybe hold off on that leveling until it’s maximally effective.

Not that players will be limited to just gaining more from leveling (or earning capacity points) during the campaigns, either. Alter egos will be strengthened, more Bayld will be awarded from activities currently offering it, light values will increase in Abyssea, and Unity accolades will increase. There are a whole lot of benefits coming to players during the event, so check out the full rundown on the official site.


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