Corepunk’s third Q&A talks about class quests, criminals, and more


The questions keep rolling in for Artificial Core’s Corepunk, and the devs keep answering them! In this month’s third Q&A session, questions are posed about a wide variety of interesting topics including game optimization, PvP roaming, and talent builds.

For those wondering what camera options there will be with the isometric viewpoint, the devs said, “We have an option to zoom in with a slightly different camera angle. We’ll also have a photo mode, which will hide all UI elements when enabled.”

The game’s karma system seems interesting, even going so far as to have party repercussions: “A criminal can’t be a member of a party. If someone in a party becomes a criminal, he or she will be dropped from the party. Other party members assistsing a criminal on a low-level player kill will also become criminals, and they will also be excluded from the party. Keep in mind that healing or buffing an aggressor is also considered an assist.”

And the devs confirmed that, yes, there will be class quests: “There will be quests for classes in Corepunk. These quests will be unlocked upon reaching the level cap.”

Source: Corepunk
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