Elite Dangerous player manages a 64,000+ light year trip without needing to scoop fuel from stars


While a great deal of attention is being paid to Elite: Dangerous’ Odyssey alpha, there’s still adventures being had in the base game as well. Case in point: One Commander has managed to ride over 64,000 light years from Sol to Ishum’s Reach, all without using a fuel scoop to fill the ship’s tank.

The player, who goes by the name of Kabbooooom, says he was inspired by another player who was trying to fly from occupied space to the Sagittarius A* system without a fuel scoop. The feat was performed with an Anaconda that was purpose-built to move up to 20,000 light years on a single tank. From there, the player plotted a course that would take him to DSSA carriers, independent carriers, and stations when available to refuel periodically.

“I said screw it, I’ve got nothing better to do for the next four months — I’ll give it a try,” writes Kabbooooom. “Some people said it was impossible. Others told me to give up. Luckily, I’m stubborn, and I kept going.”

The player has documented his trip into the void and has even shared some images from the trip, while he plans to venture further out beyond the edge of the galaxy in order to set a distance record for traveling without fuel scooping, reckoning it will take another 90 light years and 16 days of continuous travel to accomplish the goal while still having enough fuel to jump back. He plans to share another post if this feat is completed, but until then we wish him the best of luck and hope the Fuel Rats are standing by. Just in case.

source: Reddit, thanks to Eggbert for the tip!
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