Profane shares a sneak peek at its weather system and day/night cycle


Are you a fan of MMO weather systems and day/night cycles? Then you’ll love the latest Twitter thread from the developers of Profane, which… well, it showcases weather and day/night cycles. This should have been obvious. It was right there in the lede.

As with other threads from the devs at Insane Studios, this one offers a deeper dive into the developing weather system, day and night cycle, and the lighting effects that are changed by both. The day and night promises to have different cycles from one season to the next with the sun having different paths in the sky, while also promising to work on a wide variety of machines as the features undergo “polishment.”

The preview video is a bit muddy (as with all Twitter videos) but it offers a good look at what to expect, whether it’s raining, late at night, or apparently a doom-filled red sky.

source: Twitter
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