TitanReach shows off pets, discusses programming, previews new props and the Glimmermoore area


Once again the folks behind TitanReach are just itching to showcase all of the work they’ve been doing for their developing MMORPG. As with prior development blogs, two of the latest grant a large number of things to look at, including new trees, more animations, another round of 3-D animal models, various furnishings and crafting stations, a variety of outfit concepts, and several adventurous-looking pets coming to the game’s cash shop; prepare your wallet for fancy foxes, mage dogs, vampire dogs, and techno-cats.

An additional dev blog from one of the game’s programmers offered a detailed look at his process for programming the game, explaining programming at a very basic level, discussing Unity and the C# language, and even offering some words of encouragement for budding programmers that might be reading.

Finally, the Glimmermoore area is still in-development, but it would presumably be close enough that Square Root Studios felt eager to share a piece of concept art for the region. It’s a rough sketch as concept art pieces go, but it certainly does a good job of setting the scene and perhaps some expectations.

sources: official site (1, 2, 3), Twitter

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Ishmael Mcgoo

I’m very optimistic about what they’ll be able to do with the game, and looking forward to the big update (though being patient as I’m confident in the dev team and know that they need to nail down the fundamentals first).

Just a minor clarification: Glimmermoore is still in development in that there will be more added to it, but 100% of what’s depicted in that piece of concept art is already in the game and it’s a playable place. What they’ll be adding is more stuff to
the town, a more expansive farm area, and then entirely new areas with a transition area between them.