Minecraft Dungeons releases the Hidden Depths DLC and introduces a Raid Captain enemy for all players


You know what Minecraft Dungeons needs? More underwater terrors to threaten players because the deep sea is full of horrible eldritch-like life. Enter the Hidden Depths DLC, which went live this past Thursday and brought along with it all of the awfulness of the deep ocean in the form of new monsters lurking in three new underwater missions, new weapons, gear, and artifacts, two new skins, and a baby turtle pet.

In addition to this new DLC, the game overall saw a free update that introduced the Raid Captain enemy, described as “one of the most troublesome, hard-fought opponents [players] can encounter in Minecraft Dungeons.” These new foes can be found in dungeon sub-missions and are often accompanied by a raid party of extra enemies, and promise a form of emergent difficulty in dungeon delves as well as plenty of rewards for the victorious.

source: official site (1, 2)
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