New World talks about the lore and gameplay influences of magic in new interview


If you’re exploring an island where there are undead things or malevolent forces scuttling about, you’re no doubt in a world steeped in magic, so obviously New World has magic in it. It’s that power and what it does to the game’s story, creatures, and gameplay that was the subject of a new interview on

A large portion of the interview leans into lore, discussing the influence of the mystical substance known as Azoth, hinting that the island of Aeternum itself isn’t just a static place, and also suggesting that there are other cosmic forces at work that fuel the world’s magic. Developers also offered some gameplay nuggets, with talk about the three magical weapons (the healing staff, the fire staff, and the ice gauntlet), as well as how they are used in combat, how they’re improved with the weapon mastery system, and where players can spend points to improve their chosen magical weapon at certain weapon XP thresholds..

On the subject of combat, when asked about whether magic will be a lesser choice than conventional melee and ranged weapons while in an Expedition, Amazon leaned on the value of having someone with a healing staff as part of a balanced party makeup, though our own initial impressions of healing in New World left a lot to be desired.

The interview also confirms that Azoth can be used in crafting recipes to enhance the power of created items, with a higher likelihood of powerful perks, gem slots, or attribute bonuses being applied the more Azoth is used in a recipe. Azoth also powers the game’s fast travel system, with Azoth costs that need to be paid in order to travel around the map. These costs, incidentally, adjust based on how far a player is traveling and how much they’re carrying with them.


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Paragon Lost

This mmo feels like design by committee. No one with a strong vision in charge guiding it using a written out, well designed plan. It feels like they’re scrambling to make something stick, anything that might draw players. What a mess.


Does it talk about the lore behind why all the gear looks so elegant, refined, balanced and realistic except for the 2h hammers and axes which look like they got imported straight out of WoW?

Dankey Kang

Yeah I always found the Hammers to look stupid and impractical. Realistically War-Hammers have always had small heads because you want to drive the force of the blow into as small a surface area as possible. Even the largest ones want be no larger than a Sledgehammer because of the amount of effort needed to swing the thing about made them slow and left the user vulnerable.

Designing weapons was always about making the transfer of force as deadly as possible while keeping the weapon easy to swing and carry. Massive ‘WoW’ weapons basically throw all that out the window and I don’t know what the obsession with them is nowdays.

Jo Watt

I mean.. they are about as real as healing staff, fire staff and ice gauntlets… I’m sure more ppl would play with 2h weapons with them being a little over the top vs the more realistic version.

Kickstarter Donor

TBH, the newer armor sets look even worse.