EU players are getting an updated version of Ragnarok Online via the 4Game platform


The 4Game platform — aka the games launcher that EG7 bought up as part of its giant spending spree — is offering EU users of the platform a new version of studio Gravity’s MMORPG Ragnarok Online known as Ragnarok Online Prime.

This new version of RO promises content that EU players have never seen before as well as large updates releasing every month. Content updates include things like new-to-EU locations and dungeons, the Third classes and beyond, and the addition of the Doram race among other things. RO Prime went into an open beta state as of this past Thursday after what is being called a successful closed beta, and ultimately hopes to offer EU fans “the best the game can offer.”

source: press release

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Bruno Brito

Third classes? So it’s Renewal. I wonder what other changes they have planned.

EU was the region that was hit by the ban, so they’re mostly playing on private servers and i don’t see that changing. I think that the best Ragnarok right now is the Zero version.

Also, why is EG7 involved with this? If they’re buying Gravity, i’m all for it.

Thomas Samuel Amoroso Jr.

So they’re 5 years behind iRO. Which makes them 10 years behind kRO.