Neverwinter’s Summer Festival offers returning contests and new rewards on July 29


You have to love that good ol’ seasonal event MMORPG content. If you do and your chosen MMORPG is Neverwinter, then you’ll be glad to learn that the Summer Festival is coming back, starting on Thursday, July 29th, and running through to Thursday, August 19th.

The summertime event brings back a host of familiar contests including the soccer-like Sahha Ball, an eating contest, arena fights with either trolls or against other players using water (never at the same time because wet trolls smell awful), a bit of flower collecting, and a seasonal profession for some related provisioning missions.

While many of the event’s contests are the same, the rewards are new: Players can chase after a broom mount, a Kobold companion, and some new cosmetics including a set of balloons that can be tied to your character’s head. Make your own air-headed jokes; I’m not doing it. There are returning rewards as well, including two Flail Snail mounts, cosmetics, and other goodies. In short, there’s a lot of summer fun going on in Protector’s Enclave.

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