Final Fantasy XI brings back the Sunbreeze Festival once again

Sort of like jingles.

Considering the sheer number of world-shattering threats that your character has no doubt dealt with in Final Fantasy XI, it would make sense if there were a stage show in-universe commemorating that. But no, instead you have to watch Mumor perform on stage and back up her antics in order to get rewards. Why? Well, that’s how the Sunbreeze festival works when it kicks off on August 1st. We don’t make the rules, we just explain them to you and follow them accordingly.

Players will once again have a chance to earn and purchase special outfits during the event, with success rewarding a full outfit set followed by special Trust companions along the way. The event has not changed significantly from prior years, so a familiar guide will likely serve to aid players taking on the challenges contained herein for the first time. Hey, if you like dancing along with a girl on stage instead of fighting dragons, who are we to judge?

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