Paladins releases a new character – Rei – as Hi-Rez debuts a new logo and slogan


Are you ready for some new Paladins content? That’s right, the multiplayer hero shooter from Hi-Rez Studio’s sub-studio Evil Mojo has kicked out a new update that brings the game’s 50th roster member, an animated series crossover, and more, all of which were previewed in June but have gone live as of last week.

This latest update has brought on Rei, the Scholar of House Aico, a new support character that leans on using a Spirit Link skill to help her heal her teammates, help them absorb some damage, or even bring a single ally back to life. The update also kicks off a new battle pass featuring skins styled after characters from Rooster Teeth’s gen:LOCK animated series, along with the return of the Bounty Store from last year.

On the subject of Hi-Rez Studio, the game developer/publisher is sporting a somewhat new name (dropping the Studio part of its name), a new look for its logo, and a new slogan – “Victory. Together.” – which the company calls a “powerful inclusive rallying cry.”

“The company‚Äôs new slogan highlights the core objective of the company: to deliver games that offer the thrill of victory, and to build welcoming communities around those games. That is why every game in the Hi-Rez line-up is free-to-play, supports different game modes for different skill levels, includes characters that are representative of the whole of society and supports crossplay functionality so that regardless of what platform you game on, you and your friends can play together.”

The whole rebranding has also arrived with a video, while video previews of the gen:LOCK battle pass and the character Rei can also be seen below.

sources: press released
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