Pantheon drums up financial support with a promise of a special test event

So, probably not.

Do you have a cool grand (or better yet, ten large?) that you don’t mind parting with this month? If so, you can buy your way into a special test event that Pantheon is planning late next week.

Visionary Realms announced that any and all VIP pledge packages purchased by Thursday, July 29th would be invited into a 31-hour test event that will take place on July 31st and August 1st.

This isn’t for the relatively cheap $50 supporter tier; the VIP pledges start at $1,000 a pop and climb up to $10,000 for the ultimate package. Of course, you’re getting more than a very early test preview, but still, we have to think that this will keep the numbers down for this event.

Source: Pantheon. Thanks Philip!
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