Blade and Soul 2 officially launches in South Korea next month


There has been a lot of news coming from Blade and Soul 2 recently, such as an August launch window and additional game reveals like the starting races and a preview of its main theme among other things. An announcement from NCSoft this past Friday now changes that August launch window to an August launch date: August 26th.

The game is available on mobile devices and on PC via NCsoft’s Purple platform, fully arriving to players in the country after pre-registration hit over 7 million signups – 7.46 million to be exact, which breaks a record previously held by Lineage2M. There’s no word on when the game will make its way to our part of the globe yet, with no mention of the game on NCSoft’s English social media, so we’ll just have to wait a bit. Meanwhile, South Korean fans can now hop in.


source: press release. This article was amended after publication to clarify that today is not August 26th. Please forgive us, it’s been a week.

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Thank you, NC for showing at least one Lyn in your cinematic clips (last one). None of the stoopid excuses they where too short to be seen like Blizz used with us Gnomes back in WoW. >:

Vanquesse V

Today is July 26th, not August :)