Blaugust blog writing initiative returns to challenge bloggers to write for a whole month


Regular readers of MOP doubtlessly know that we’re all about highlighting and supporting MMO gaming blogs. Regulars also know that we like to signal boost the Blaugust writing initiative, a blogging community event kicked off by Belghast of Tales of the Aggronaut that seeks to encourage new and returning blog writers back to the writing fold by challenging them to create a post every day for the month of August. So consider it little surprise that we’re once more pointing out this year’s Blaugust initiative, which is back to its roots after last year’s Blapril event.

For those who are new to Blaugust, the event will grant awards to participants who meet different blog writing achievements, including awards for creating a new blog and hitting milestones of 5, 15, 25, or 31 consecutive posts through the month of August. To help keep participants motivated and draw the blogging community together, there are some suggested topic themes for each week, a mentorship program for those who are looking for guidance, and a dedicated Discord server. All of these are entirely optional but helpful, particularly for those who seek to keep their drive up.

Be sure to check out Belghast’s post for all of the specific details, and happy Blaugust to all who join in!


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