Black Desert opens the summertime Night Market, tweaks the Atoraxxion dungeon, and updates its TOS


It’s time to celebrate the summer season in Black Desert on PC. The Terrmian Night Market is now open, and players are being encouraged to take promotional-styled screenshots of the location for a chance to win in-game rewards and physical goodies. There are a couple of different contests of this sort going on, so players who are interested in joining in will want to read up on all of the details.

As for this week’s game update, another round of class adjustments have been applied; players can now gain monster knowledge in Balenos more easily thanks to a 10% increase; a new monster has been added to reduce easy farming in Star’s End; and the death penalty for dying in Atoraxxion on season and normal servers has been removed entirely, while the penalty for Elvia Realm servers remains – rewards for the dungeon have been bolstered on these servers in exchange.

Finally, the game has made an adjustment to its terms of service, amending the section about bot farming to include language that covers game sweatshop and account piloting. Accounts found partaking in this form of behavior will face a permanent ban on their accounts as well as an IP and hardware restriction.

source: official site (1, 2, 3, 4)
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