Swords of Legends Online drops first raid, Xuanjiu Jade Palace, tomorrowday


Swords of Legends Online is hoping to pique your interest with its first big raid: Xuanjiu Jade Palace. It’s a 10-to-20-player dungeon. “In the inner courtyard of the Vixen Yuzao’s lair, the flowers bloom and the brook’s waters flow crystal clear, as though spring will never end,” Gameforge explains. “Recently, a band of immortals was sighted in the area, awakening the attention of its inhabitants. Since the Xuanjiu Jade Palace is a formidable challenge, only players who have already proven their skills in the hard dungeons and upgraded all their equipment to item level 60 should dare to take on the challenging bosses of this brand-new raid. Every week players will be able to earn high-quality loot (gear level 75+) for each boss, among other goodies such as collectibles, parchments, gemstones, and more!”

The studio aims to unlock normal difficulty tomorrow after server-up, to reset every Thursday thereafter, with bosses to include Shi Dao and Vixen Yuzao, Undead Daoist, Awakener Silver Scorpion Envoy, Fei Chi, and Changli the Demon Master.

In the meantime, the summer event is still ongoing through September 2nd, and a pirate event will apparently open next week: ” From August 5 through 19, unleash your inner pirate and take part in the “Buried Treasure” event. And it isn’t sunny season without that iconic summer treat—Watermelons! Find them around the world from July 22 through September 2.” Notably, the PR counts “hundreds of thousands” of players in the game.

There’s a teeny tiny clip video for the new raid below and approximately five thousand screenshots, from which we’ve picked the best and weirdest.

Source: Press release
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