Book of Travels teases the groundwork of how cooperative play will work with Endeavours

Looking for more to make a boat work.

It goes without saying that the point of Book of Travels is that you will not be grouping up with other players to descend into a hole and go smash some orcs in the face. For one thing, there might not be orcs to smash. But that doesn’t mean you won’t ever expect to be working together with other players, and the newest video from the developers explains the groundwork of how the game’s Endeavour system will work to create challenges that players will overcome together.

Four broad categories of Endeavours exist: physical, mystical, mechanical, and social. Physical challenges are the sort of tasks you would expect to involve physical might, like clearing rubble or retrieving objects from difficult locations; mystical ones, meanwhile, involve things like praying at shrines to understand more of the world. Mechanical Endeavours will involve things like working together with others to get old boats working to open new travel destinations, and social challenges are things like getting obstinate people to agree to teach you new skills. Check out the full video preview just below, and remember, the game is moving into early access on August 30th.

Source: Twitter
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