Elite: Dangerous asks for player assistance to pin down some top-voted issue tracker bugs


Bug squashing can be a sort of team effort between game devs and game players, and it’s in that spirit of cooperation that Elite: Dangerous is asking players for some help with pinning down some of the highest voted bugs in the game’s issue tracker.

There are three specific issues being targeted by Frontier Developments right now: a loading screen soft lock when entering a ship-launched fighter, a specific engineer not unlocking when specific missions are completed, and a long-standing issue with an exposed Thargoid Heart not taking any damage. As for Orange Sidewinder issues, the post notes that the devs have implemented “many fixes” to correct such problems and is asking anyone who runs into these or related errors to send a support ticket instead of posting it to the issue tracker.

source: official forums, thanks to Stuart for the tip!

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I must admit that update 6 has now made most of Odyssey playable. There are only two types of bases where the frame rate drops can cause a problem for my setup.

Still can’t believe that the thargoid heart bug is still happening, that one’s been in since 2017!