PSA: Ashes of Creation’s Alpha One test shifts its end date to August 15

Heard of it?

As the month of August rolls on and Ashes of Creation’s final round of Alpha One testing progresses, many players were perhaps looking at the clock as the test was originally set to end on August 13th. That, however, has changed as the devs at Intrepid Studios have announced there are two more days added to the testing timer, with Alpha One wrapping up on Sunday, August 15th, at 9:00 p.m. EDT.

This is the only major effective change, as the devs are yet to lock down anything resembling timing for the next phases of alpha or beta. Readers will recall that the game’s July development stream noted that testing will be winding down for “significant downtime” as the team addresses and iterates on Alpha One feedback. That said, folks who have bought in to this round of testing can be rest assured that there’s a little more time left to put the MMORPG through its paces.

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