Book of Travels explains how its skills work for players in new video


Skills! Who doesn’t like skills? People who don’t have any skills, that’s who. Book of Travels will have skills just like any other game, although some of the uses of those skills will be quite different from how other games use them. A new video explains how the game’s skills are meant to work, with skills subdivided into four categories: knots (supernatural abilities), abilities (mundane abilities), teas (consumable potion effects), and passives (which should be rather obvious from the name).

Each of the skills in the game is associated with one of the four winds (north, south, east, and west), with all skills within the category having certain commonalities (like how eastern skills are focused on nature while southern skills are more physical). Players will find it easier to learn skills associated with a form’s wind specialty, thus providing a way of specializing and differentiating between the different forms. Check out the full video just below to get a more expansive overview of what to expect.

Source: YouTube
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