The Repopulation says it’s been ‘quite the adventure’ as it gives a fall development roadmap


Many people may have written off sandbox MMO The Repopulation a long time ago (especially when it changed hands), but perhaps decision was a little premature. The current owners seem dedicated to improving the game by taking what they were given and guiding it along with their vision.

“This has been quite the adventure, however, working in the new design into the game and keeping the same original theme and style has been a lot of fun,” the team said.

To wit, the team gave a report covering improvements done over the last two months — and what has yet to come. The report says that the complex item system overhaul is about halfway finished and a graphics upgrade to the user interface is running its paces on the dev server. Coming in the next several months include rolling out the new GUI, implementing small optimizations, improving NPC animations, and finally getting the full item system online.

MMO players will recall that The Repopulation was Kickstarted twice for around $230,000 and hit Steam early access in 2014, where it’s been ever since, excepting the year it was offline entirely thanks to the HeroEngine dispute that eventually saw Idea Fabrik take it over in 2017.
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