Atlas gets turtle dragon tank ships and buffed spider mounts


Turtle ships are a thing in Grapecard’s early access someday-MMO Atlas as of this week. What’s a turtle ship? One heck of a tanky boat. It’s not really a turtle, unfortunately.

“Not only is she a tank, fully decked out in armor and ready to take a beating, but she also offers some new utility that will change the landscape of the battlefield, literally,” the studio says. “Attached at the front of this massive ship is a dragon figurehead that players can activate to breathe clouds of smoke to conceal your fleet’s movements.” Obviously, the dragon should’ve been a turtle, but it is what it is.

There’s more to the patch besides turtles. For example, it also has spiders – superhuman spiders, which can now vertically scale walls, and this is characterized as a good thing, except if you hate spiders.

“We heard you like buffs so we’ve also added some buffs to buff towers to uniquely assist your fleet as needed. Depending on which type of resource is used, buff towers will now provide an additional benefit so you can gain advantages where they are needed most. Need some handles in the corners? Try Amethyst and Herkimer in your spire to increase your turning force. Need to lessen your load? Switch to Calcite and Quartz which will decrease the overall weight of a ship (items and structures carried included). Overall, we hope that pathfinders use these new additions to compliment their unique play styles and make every confrontation a unique and memorable one.”

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