War Thunder will add new vehicles, guided bombs, and fire control systems for ships in September


Maybe you’re seeking some multiplayer vehicular combat alternatives in light of a certain developer’s behavior. Perhaps, then, you should keep your eyes on Gaijin Entertainment’s War Thunder, which is planning a new update in September that’s bringing new vehicles and new gameplay mechanics.

The Direct Hit update will introduce a number of new vehicles including the Soviet fighter-bomber MiG-27M, the Japanese light cruiser Yubari, and the modern Chinese MBT ZTZ99-III among others. The MiG-27M will be the first vehicle that has access to a guided bombs feature (Direct Hit? Get it?), while all large ships in the game will be equipped with a new fire control system (FCS) that features rangefinders, fire-control towers, and fire-control plotting rooms to help players lead their targets better (Direct Hit? Get it? OK you get it).

Additional information on features and more new vehicles is promised to arrive in the coming weeks, while the Direct Hit update is set to land sometime in the first half of September.

source: press release
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