Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen discusses production and communication in latest VIP roundtable podcast


Care to listen to a couple of devs from Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen talk about production and communication matters for the MMO? Then you’ve got an action-packed hour’s worth of podcast waiting for you with the game’s August developer roundtable podcast.

This episode features project producer and director of communications Ben “Machail” Dean and creative & programming producer Chris “Joppa” Perkins as they discuss things like putting together the newsletter, Visonary Realms’ plans and hopes for new hires to its team, dealing with trolls, and lessons learned about content and information delivery. The video also had a section discussing the Priest archetype and its role in a fight as the healer, supporter, or debuffer, as well as word of the game’s website update as the devs continue to work on adding sections and absorb both internal and external feedback.

For those who are looking for a lot more granular detail on the communication and running of an MMORPG studio, the video after the break definitely is for you.

source: YouTube

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What’s amazing is how little interest there is for this game.

I guess MMO hype exhaustion is a real thing.

Kickstarter Donor

It’s always been hyped as an old-school MMO, and there’s only a niche market for that. It’s suffered the same ups and downs that have bedevilled Camelot Unchained and Shroud of the Avatar so I’m guessing that most potential players are keeping a somewhat wary eye on it from afar until such time as its release is imminent – and definite.

Harry Koala
Harry Koala

I think Pantheon’s lack of noticable interest at this point is at least partly because many of the people who are interested in it *were* very motivated 5 years ago, but after five years of following development that still hasn’t reached alpha, the attitude has become “I’ll start caring again when and if the game actually releases”.

Disclaimer: I’m doing the usual Internet thing of describing my own point of view and assuming almost everyone is in perfect agreement with me…

Jo Watt

I’m the same tbh. I am interested since I started my mmo experience in EQ2. Back when you needed CC and at least some awareness of the map and stuff. This game sounds like an upgraded version but I’m just on cruise control. Check an article here and there with an eye out for a release.


I am in the boat with you… waiting.


The biggest problem is they have very little to show for how long the game is in development. Generally, while I am quite interested, I am not optimistic about it as they dont really have much to show. Words are good when they are backed with deeds


When this game was first announced there was actually a lot of interest. However, since then, they have suffered the lost of their founder, went through a complete shit show of development having to start completely over just a few years ago and have a lack of funding.

That all being said, many people have written this game off as vapor ware as we’re now approaching nearly a decade since the Kickstarter failed.

Personally I tend to root for the underdog so I hope this thing releases. I think these guys have got their work cut out for them both in terms of winning back the community and making Pantheon financially viable which is possible if they play their cards right.