Omuni Reborn resurrects a failed MMORPG project for another try


What’s that we spy with our little eye? It’s another interesting-looking MMORPG in the embryonic stage! Our gaze today turns to Omuni Reborn, an indie online RPG that’s been quietly but consistently working on constructing this fantasy realm since announcing the project back in March 2020.

As the name implies, Omuni Reborn is a second attempt by Moya Games at making this concept work, as Omuni Online fizzled out nearly a decade ago.

The concept is a little strange, but that’s OK: “You play the roll of one of the ‘Soul Children’ which essentially is just a person who was born with a bit of a destroyed god’s power imbedded in a distant relative then passed into you when you where in the womb. You get to completely customize your character then enter this diverse and beautiful world to either play the main story or just do what ever you want.”

If you’re interested in following this project, the team is pretty chatty on Twitter and has an official subreddit.

Source: Omuni Reborn

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