The Daily Grind: Are there MMOs that would be better off without crafting?

Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.

Crafting is important. I like crafting. In games that do it well, I flat out love it; in games that do it decently but not quite as well, I still enjoy the fact that it’s there. While no one would ever confuse crafting with my main focus in an MMO, that doesn’t mean I don’t dabble in it or enjoy that the system is in place and usable by everyone. Long story short, I think that crafting in MMOs is darn important.

But are there games that are better off without it?

There are definitely MMOs out there that don’t seem to put much effort into their crafting systems, treating it as an afterthought and generally making it largely irrelevant or only marginally useful for players. Sure, the ideal solution would be to pay attention to crafting and give it a relevance in the game’s systems, but sometimes it can just be easier to give up on the system altogether. So that’s your question for the day. Are there MMOs that would be better off without crafting?

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Jacquotte Fox Kline

I’d be intrigued a New World without crafting and a diablo-style loot system. That sounds like ignorant blasphemy, but I really don’t like a long, complicated crafting investment in an MMO that has limited or weak content to actually use the crafted gear in. It makes your efforts seem like drudgery, a pointless chore.

Jeff Witman

DDO’s Vale and green steel crafting/raid system. Sure, you can sell the mats and buy the mats, but the prices were so inflated while it was actually useful that it just ended up being a test of how lucky your raid drops were over weeks and weeks. And then you had to make sure to craft it right, INSIDE THE RAID INSTANCE! It was a spreadsheet of complicated recipes in very specific steps that were not always clear with what was actually being made during the crafting process.

Robert Mann

Depends. Are you looking at the AH market people, the people who like nothing better than a mostly irrelevant bar on the screen for a while… or people who enjoy the idea of crafting but despise either of the above?

The first two will enjoy most MMO crafting. The later would really not miss it, nor the inflation it tends to bring to gold sinks in game.

Most people who are after the crafting side want either to work toward a mastery that is notable and relevant, or to enjoy relaxing instead of doing whatever else in game. Those two things do not invalidate each other, but the first certainly decimates the status quo crafting models.


No, even the bad systems like wow, it still adds something for some of the players.


I don’t like crafting. “Let me take a break from work to go work in a video game.”
So, in every game that has it, for me it’s a useless feature.

Castagere Shaikura

The only MMO I crafted in was EQ2. I made all the furniture for my houses.

Oleg Chebeneev


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Ashfyn Ninegold

In my experience most MMOs launch with fairly decent crafting systems, meaning crafting adds to your character’s progression or gear or consumables.

Unfortunately, almost all MMOs trivialize their crafting in their first expansion, apparently unable to carry forward the original intent of crafting or replacing it with raid farmed items.

Emphasizing raiding as the penultimate MMO activity just kills crafting. In order to make it seem still viable, lots of MMOs make rare crafting items only drop in raids, which sincerely pisses me off. I’d rather kill a thousand warthogs for a rare drop than run a raid and hope for the drop.

I’m with the majority here. If a developer can’t figure out how to make crafting rewarding for the people who craft, you know, crafters instead of raiders, then just take the damn system out of your game and stop pretending its a viable activity.

Turing fail
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Turing fail

You reminded me of when I came to the sad realization that all the items I’d made during the storyline phase of SWTOR were now worthless when I reached endgame…


Personally I’d say every game that is not called Ryzom would be better off without a crafting system…
Mind you, it is not the crafting system alone. It is how it is positioned in the overall game economy and item philosophy.

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Peregrine Falcon

Guild Wars 2.

Total waste of time, effort and gold. You’ll end up selling the gear you make to level up your crafting for less than it cost you to make it, or just break it down for the components to make more of it.

Also, the devs made most of the crafting mats for the end game gear that you’ll want to craft account bound. Oh, and the gear that you craft with it is also account bound. So you can’t sell it to make gold and everyone has to become a crafter or go without the best gear.

Basically it’s pretty close to the worst crafting system in an MMO. The worst one being the crafting system in Star Trek Online.