Elite Dangerous brings AA turrets and bug fixes to Odyssey, quality of life to Horizons, and Powerplay changes to all


Today is the day when Elite: Dangerous sees some rather sizeable updates, whether players are in Horizons or in Odyssey. On the Odyssey front, Update 7 is going live, introducing some new anti-air turrets as well as rocket wielding Enforcers to combat zones, the ability for players to redirect Apex taxis, and new social hub varieties among other features, as well as another long list of bug fixes and improvements.

As for Horizons, today’s update is mostly centered on quality-of-life updates, a few of which are shared with Odyssey. Points of note include increased module and bookmark storage and a fix for Thargoid Hearts bug that made them appear to be invincible.

Perhaps one of the bigger updates, however, is applied to all players in the form of some new Powerplay adjustments, reducing the amount of CC income for various control systems and fixing Powerplay logic for when systems were lost to revolt. For those who are unfamiliar, Powerplay is a system by which players can align themselves with interstellar powers to guide their strategy, advance goals, and earn a variety of perks and rewards, and the Powerplay system has been sitting in the Issue Tracker for some time now, so this update may come as a pleasant surprise to many E:D fans.

source: official forums (1, 2, 3)

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Clicked for “Powerplay Changes”, was disappointed. I’ll check back when the headline is “Significant Powerplay Changes”.

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I was in shock that they even made any fix to powerplay at all.


Kinda surprised they called them fixes. Oh wait, they didn’t. FD: “we will be making a small number of tweaks to Powerplay”. The smallest number possible to make that statement technically true. (Two.)

What on earth happened to the famous 100 devs on this Odyssey DLC? Like that genius physics professor on the Dev Diary, responsible for creating the hyped coloured astmospheres that still aren’t in the game, three months after release?