Fortnite might not be back on Apple’s app store for five years – or longer


You know how kids’ soccer teams line up after a match to give each other high-fives and “good games” in a show of sportsmanship? Apple is the one kid who’s hanging back, has his arms crossed, and is scowling with barely contained anger following the recent Epic vs. Apple ruling on an anti-monopoly case.

In fact, Apple outright said that it’s not going to allow Epic’s Fortnite back onto its app store until it’s exhausted the full appeals process. This process could take five years or longer, depending on the courts.

Naturally, Epic is crying foul over this, saying that Apple “reneged” on its stance to welcome back Fortnite if everyone was playing by the same rules.

While Apple prevailed on most of the antitrust-related counts in this recent lawsuit, it lost a critical one that determined the company was “engaging in anti-competitive conduct” under California law and could no longer block third-party in-app purchases.

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