Amazon on New World: ‘We really wanted to make sure that this time we get it right’

Hope for light.

The multi-million-dollar question of the hour is whether or not Amazon finally can pull off a successful launch of a major game. The studio has great cause to hope with New World, however, especially considering that over 900,000 players poured into the recent beta to experience it.

Amazon Games Vice President Christoph Hartmann told Games Industry that the studio is doing its utmost to get off on the right foot with the fantasy-horror MMORPG.

“Only ship when you’re ready,” he said. “That’s why we had so many delays on New World, we really wanted to make sure that this time we get it right.”

Hartmann said that New World will “show what Amazon games is capable of,” allowing the studio to be judged by a big success rather than its historical failures. “Once we deliver a big hit, which I think New World will be, we’ll just get even more support because we’ve proven ourselves,” he said.

He also mentioned the upcoming Lost Ark as a project that is one of “smaller bets” that the studio is bringing into its overall strategy.

In other New World news, the company dropped server names yesterday, and the community is already hard at work sorting out where everyone’s gonna go so you can join in or avoid the throngs.

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