Amazon on New World: ‘We really wanted to make sure that this time we get it right’

Hope for light.

The multi-million-dollar question of the hour is whether or not Amazon finally can pull off a successful launch of a major game. The studio has great cause to hope with New World, however, especially considering that over 900,000 players poured into the recent beta to experience it.

Amazon Games Vice President Christoph Hartmann told Games Industry that the studio is doing its utmost to get off on the right foot with the fantasy-horror MMORPG.

“Only ship when you’re ready,” he said. “That’s why we had so many delays on New World, we really wanted to make sure that this time we get it right.”

Hartmann said that New World will “show what Amazon games is capable of,” allowing the studio to be judged by a big success rather than its historical failures. “Once we deliver a big hit, which I think New World will be, we’ll just get even more support because we’ve proven ourselves,” he said.

He also mentioned the upcoming Lost Ark as a project that is one of “smaller bets” that the studio is bringing into its overall strategy.

In other New World news, the company dropped server names yesterday, and the community is already hard at work sorting out where everyone’s gonna go so you can join in or avoid the throngs.


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Chris Johnson

I do not understand the the unbelievable hype for this game.

The very fact that Amazon has virtually unlimited resources, the best they could deliver is an extremely basic game with pvp, bare bones pve, quests that don’t go beyond basic fetch and kill, practically NO story, and the absolute worst character creator I’ve seen….the hype is unwarranted! THIS game is supposed to be a game-changer?

How? What exactly does it do that other games don’t do better? In my opinion, nothing at all. It has an extremely large marketing budget, designed to convince people that it’s the second coming. It is not.

The setting is very well done and the crafting system is indeed a feature that seems to have been given a considerable amount of thought. The rest is either very basic or mediocre. Given the resources of the company, the game MIGHT improve with time. As it stands now, it’s a very hollow experience. A pretty picture with very little depth.

Mercy Forever

everybody will leave the new world ship once they start pumping in cash shop items . it is an okay game but it is not the bringer of something new to the mmorpg genre that people are making it out to be .

Math Matics

Great game. Did not think I would enjoy. Played the open beta and fell in love with. Can’t wait to c what all has to offer. Super excited.

Ben Stone

My experience on the beta is that it would be something I would enjoy super casually. Not enough to warrant a purchase, I will have a dabble when it goes F2P in 2022.


After playing in the Alpha for over a year I am really impressed at how much AGS changed this game and added to it, I think it’s ready and will be happy to level for good this time. Now to choose a server.


First MMO from Amazon Studio, an inexperience developer with zero MMO management experience. I can guarantee what you are hoping for you are not going to get.

But hey, it’s Amazon. If you have the patience, I think the game will get better in a year or 2. They might even let prime members play for free. Amazon fresh was $400/year remember? and now it’s free. But as of now, it’s going to be disaster in the first month.


I am a dwarf and I’m digging a hole.

Diggy Diggy Hole, digging a hole.

Not that I’m ready to put it in the grave, but it’s already set itself up for failure on par with C2077. It’s an overhyped game with basic gameplay. It’s a cool setting, don’t get me wrong, but that is not going to be enough when people realize the end game is empty.

Mercy Forever



Here’s what’s going to happen, a bunch of ill informed Care Bears (a group I identify with, not the uninformed part) are going take a break from ESO and FF14 to buy New World and quit within a month because they paid for a Gank Box some jury rigged PVE duct taped to the roof as an after thought.

Bruno Brito

What bothers me most about NW is not being able to deactivate shadows. The game is demanding a LOT from my pc because of shadows and i’m going ballistic over it. The entire way you customize your graphics feel sloppy and badly done.

Kickstarter Donor
Ken from Chicago

Wasn’t NEW WORLD the game that was literally melting graphics cards?


NW is nothing special.
I’d much, much rather that Amazon had taken those millions and bought Cornered Rats and bring that game up to 2021. Can you imagine a realistic, realtime, 1/2 scale, all of europe shooter with planes, tanks, infantry, ships?
Or hell, have them buy ArenaNet while they’re at it, rebuild that game in Unreal(whatever is current) OMFG it would be great.