Project Gorgon’s latest patch has added animal husbandry and a town players can level up

I'm on board.

Project Gorgon’s fall update is upon us this week. “There’s a new high-level zone, several new skills to find, and a metric tonne of UI fixes and improvements,” Elder Game says. The high-level zone is Povus as promised, aimed at toons with combat skills between 75 and 85. As players work through the town’s questline, they effectively level up the town itself with new NPCs and amenities.

The skills include the Animal Husbandry system that Elder Game has been talking about for half of forever.

“This skill lets you breed the pets in your stables to create new baby pets. Once you have the skill, speak with a qualified stablemaster to begin breeding. […] One of the fun things about breeding pets is selling or giving away the babies to interested parties. For this reason, we’ve added a way to “store” pets, turning them into items which can be given to other players. These players can then use the item to add that pet to their stable. But there are caveats! First, only pets that were born in your stables can be sold. Pets that you capture in the wild can never be sold to others. (This means, for instance, that you can’t capture and resell Hissy.) Second, you’ll need to obtain a Pet Cage item — and this will require a gadgeteer player who knows the recipe. And lastly, pet cages can’t contain a pet forever! Each type of pet cage has a maximum lifespan. If the pet isn’t taken out of the cage (and put into somebody’s stable) before that time runs out, the pet escapes and is lost forever.”

The patch also implements the early code for pet genetics, though it works only for bees and wasps right now; there are also revisions for animal handling, psychology, werewolves, animal armor, player shops, treasure, animations, and the UI, as well as “staff, shield, and cow nerfs,” which is a sentence you get to type only in Project Gorgon posts.

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