Dragon and Home is a sandbox MMORPG of adventuring and pastoral activities entering beta October 15


You’ve probably seen games like this one before, promising worlds of adventuring, exploring, and downtime activities like farming and crafting. Even so, we’re offering a moment for Dragon and Home, a new sandbox MMORPG from developer/publisher HIG to come to your notice because we like to report on as much of this genre as we can.

Dragon and Home places players in a world that has experienced a near-catastrophe as the Tree of Life was severely damaged due to an earth-shattering fight between two dragons. As for the game itself, Dragon and Home promises three classes, plenty of gathering and crafting, and dangerous lairs full of traps and bosses. The game also has a more pastoral side in its Homelands, where players can raise crops, rear animals, make clothing, and sell their wares through a marketplace. The game also has an offline mode that lets players craft buildings with a variety of styles for exterior and interior design.

Dragon and Home has been out for Chinese players since August, but it will soon be making its global open beta launch on Steam this coming Friday, October 15th. Current Steam reviews have the game sitting at “Mixed” right now, but the game is also completely free-to-play, so those who are truly curious only need to devote a bit of time and hard drive space to kick the tires.

source: Steam via Reddit

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Do they have mounts and swimming in the game? I already confirmed there’s no minimap.


Heck yeah. New playable stuff.