Legends of Aria announces ‘Aria 2.0’ successor with a new game engine


It’s no secret that Citadel Studio’s Kickstarted Legends of Aria has wallowed in near-niche obscurity since its summer 2020 launch. Since then, the studio has cast about looking for ways to progress forward with different projects, including licensing its Shards engine out to another dev team to make CODEX and announcing a Viking survivalbox called The End.

But don’t count Citadel or Legends of Aria out just yet: The studio announced that it has big plans to “reimagine” the game, starting with an upgrade to a second version of the Shards engine. This will allow Legends of Aria to spawn “Aria 2.0,” a more immersive, over-the-shoulder MMORPG rather than the old isometric experience.

“Citadel Studios will be launching a new standalone title in the Aria universe which we’re internally calling Aria 2.0; combining the power of Shards Engine 2 with The Forge’s promise of delivering a new and truly community powered sandbox experience,” the studio said.

Citadel said that development on Aria 2.0 will be counted in “months as opposed to years,” with community playtests starting soon. It also confirmed that it will continue to support the original Legends of Aria even as it moves forward with this new version.

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