Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis unveils Retem region, promises more frequent content updates


What’s coming next for Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis? Is it a new Scratch Ticket? Well, yes, but there is also some new playable content arriving to the MMO, which was outlined in a developer livestream at the beginning of the month.

This new content will feature a new region called Retem, which will be about the size of the current region of Aelio and will introduce the second chapter of the MMO’s storyline. The broadcast closed with a preview of this new zone, showcasing a desert landscape full of oases, several structures including at least one techno-pyramid, and some fluffy camel critters.

On the subject of additional content, the devs acknowledge that a lack of things to do in PSO2: NGS is a problem, and the team is working on releasing a higher volume of content updates after the December update. The stream also talks about Urgent Quest spawn times, plans for a preset skills transfer function for items, and an upcoming new Mag sonar function that will track down gatherables like minerals or vegetables.

The devs have put out a very tiny roadmap for the time being, but players can look forward to another information-filled livestream on November 2nd, with more details about Retem and updates arriving in November. For now, you can watch the full livestream from earlier this month below.

sources: YouTube, official site (1, 2)

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Jadah McUwu

I’m actually pretty excited about this, NGS has some stumbles but I really enjoyed the time I spent with it as a fan of the other PSO games, and I hope they can make good on a better release cadence

Vanquesse V

You really weren’t kidding about the roadmap being “very tiny”


What’s listed is the tail end of the roadmap that’s existed since before the game’s launch. The only thing left now is just Retem and the level cap increases and new skills/techs that were on it before. Everything else is already here.