NCsoft and World Makers talk up various Halloween events for Aion, Lineage II, and Deceit


NCSoft and World Makers would like to invite players into the Halloween haunts that are spooking about several of their games. If you’re among those playing NCSoft’s retail and classic versions of Aion, the MMOARPG Lineage II, or World Makers’ free-to-play multiplayer deceive-em-up Deceit, there’s some seasonal fun waiting for you.

We’ll lead off with Deceit, with its Halloween event adding new cosmetics, challenges, and candy for players to collect. There’s also an item upgrade system added to the game and goodies from previous Halloween events are back as well. The event is on now until November 8th

In Aion Retail, players can hunt down the Pumpkin King for a variety of rewards as well as get some free treats for logging in daily, while Aion Classic players are being tasked with feeding a freshly hatched companion Sweet Candy Canes or Sweet Cookies found in field zones to receive a Halloween Pumpkin and a chance at an additional reward. Both events start tomorrow, October 27th, and run for a full month until November 27th.

October 27th is also adding Halloween fun to Lineage II, with an event involving slaying vampires for rewards or wearing spooky masks for the Pumpkin Ghost to get treats.

source: press release
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