Dauntless brings the Ramsgiving seasonal event and an island event featuring angry pigs on November 23


With all of the deadly creatures roaming the world of Dauntless, few are as devastating and powerful as the ram and the gruk-gruk, which is basically a boar that can roll up into a high-speed hamster ball of hate and fury. Come Tuesday, November 23rd, players will have to contend with both in two different events.

Ramsgiving, the in-game Thanksgiving holiday, will be making its return on that Tuesday with the promise of a special island event, bounty bonuses, and event store goodies between November 23rd and November 30th. That same day will also see the new Gruk-Gruk Rumble island event where players will have to hold their ground against a rampaging horde of ball-shaped boars. This island event will be a permanent fixture to the Hunting Grounds.

As for current events, the patch that has been released today makes some adjustments to several Behemoths, adds a nerfing to the Repeaters, and applied several bug fixes. The patch is basically light on content, but there will only be a couple of weeks before the gruk-gruks come.

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